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Get Involved

Want to be involved in our campaign and play your part?

Here are some ways you can support us!

Want to organise on your own campus?

Now we need your help to work on our recommendations within yoyur own universities. Contact us on social media or approach us during any event, all of which can be found on our social media pages.

Sign our Petition

Publicly endorse our report by signing our petition, containing recommendations

Join our Events

Stay updated on events and support us on our social media platforms

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Fund our Campaign

Help fund our campaign directly or get some artwork created by us

Donate to us

Donate directly through Paylah or PayNow to 



Include "S4F" in the comments! 

QR Code for Paylah/Paynow donations

Buy our artwork

Buy artwork prepared by

artists who are passionate

about climate advocacy work


help fund our campaign too!

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