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Fossil-Fuelled Universities

A call to Singaporean universities to cut ties with this heavy-polluting industry, and lead the way in our society by reinvesting based on the principles of a just transition towards a low-carbon economy.

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Through this report, Fossil-Fuelled Universities, we have sought to provide an overview of the partnerships and affiliations that exist between our universities and the fossil fuel industry. Uncritical institutional support enables the industry to continue operating in a manner that is fundamentally unsustainable. As our universities are forward-looking, value-driven, and on the cutting edge of scientific and social research, we believe that this cannot continue. This report aims to move universities to critically reassess their links with the fuel industry. We hope that universities will transition away from associations with this industry, and instead lead the just transition towards a low-carbon economy.

Person looking out over blue water and towards a oil rig in the background.

As future-minded institutions, our universities play an important role in the climate crisis.

As institutions that are home to the wise and promising talents of both present and future generations, we believe that our universities and their governing bodies have the moral courage to reconsider partnerships with the key perpetrators of the climate crisis and trailblaze a more sustainable future.

Blue sky and green ground with a person walking between green trees with wind turbines in the back.

To the leaders and decision-makers of our universities, this is your opportunity to create a great, positive change in the lives of many, both in the present and the future. We are depending on you.

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