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Summer Book Club: Back to Basics

We invite you to immerse yourself in a stimulating day of discourse on climate change, activism, and civic engagement through insightful books and academic articles.

10 May 2024


The Fossil Free Report Card

Grading Our Universities: How have they done?

27 October 2023


Eco-Poetry Night

Students for a Fossil-Free Future is proud to present our poetry night event featuring ECO-POETRY by local Singaporean poets.

27 February 2022


2022 Campaign

A call to Singaporean universities to cut ties with this heavy-polluting industry, and lead the way in our society by reinvesting based on the principles of a just transition towards a low-carbon economy.

17 January 2022


Fossil-Fueled Universities

It is impossible to ignore the unethical nature of the associations between the fossil fuel industry and our local universities as the climate crisis becomes more severe with each passing year.

17 January 2022